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Lease Line, full service truck leasing NJ, Nationalease, truck maintenance
Lease Line, full service truck leasing NJ, Nationalease, truck maintenance

01. Less Expensive. 

Are you looking to save cash and apply it to other parts of your business? When leasing with Lease Line, there is no down payment, and your monthly payments may be deductible from taxable income. Leasing a truck or equipment also saves you the time and energy.

02. Low Maintenance

Long after the lease is signed or the maintenance is performed, our team makes sure you continue to receive the personal service and benefits that attracted you to Lease Line in the first place. We know our customers and understand their needs. 

Tired of paying costly repair bills?   Breakdowns in your fleet can lead to unexpected expenses and interruptions to your business. If you lease through Lease Line, we take care of the maintenance. 

03. Greater Flexibility 
For your trucking company, short-term leases allow you to expand and reduce your fleet as the market requires. Some of our clients also use leases to determine if new equipment is a good fit for their company before investing in a long-term commitment. And should you go this direction, we offer a great Preventative Maintenance program.

Top 3 reasons to lease

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Lease vs ownership

At Lease Line, we know our customers and understand their needs. ​Are you looking for a custom-designed lease program that is tailored for your company's needs? 

With our company, you get more than a lease. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your needs, recommend equipment best suited to your operation, which in turn saves you time and money. Contact us today for a free estimate. 

Did you know? About 85% of small- to mid-sized businesses lease equipment, according to GE Capital. These companies realize that they can be more profitable by operating machinery instead of owning. Leasing also provides greater flexibility in case of an unforeseen expense or an economic downturn. 

But don't just take our word for it! Check out below some great articles on why leasing saves you and our company time and money!


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