Lease Line, full service truck leasing NJ, Nationalease, truck maintenance



Lease Line, full service truck leasing NJ, Nationalease, truck maintenance

Q. Help! I don't know if leasing or buying a truck is best for our business? 

A. Great question. We are often asked what are the benefits of leasing vs owning. About 85% of small- to mid-sized businesses lease equipment, according to GE Capital. These companies realize that they can be more profitable by leasing instead of owning. Leasing also provides greater flexibility in case of an unforeseen expense or an economic downturn. Click here to read about additional benefits of leasing a truck or fleet with Lease Line. 

Q. We are looking for a specific custom truck that meets our needs. Do you provide this service?

A. Lease Line prides itself on customer service and providing each customer with equipment best suited to their operation. We have access to a massive assortment of trucks at an affordable cost. As one client famously said, "If it runs on wheels, and powered by fuel, Lease Line can get it!"

Q. What if our truck breaks down enroute and we have a tight timeline?
A. Mechanical problems are never fun to experience. But with Lease Line, we have you covered. 

Ensuring your truck or fleet runs flawlessly is OUR TOP PRIORITY. Find yourself in need of help? No worries. Our emergency repair service will help you out in a jam, 24 hours a day, 7 days a a week. From chassis, suspension and drive train to body and roof, we have you covered. We are also partnered with NationLease - providing service and help anywhere in the US quickly and effectively. 


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