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​​Serving the transportation industry since 1973

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At Lease Line, we know our customers and understand their needs. Whether you operate one truck or a large fleet, we'd like to prove how we can greatly improve your distribution and transportation picture with a custom leasing program. Contact Lease Line today!


Looking for a A Better Alternative to Truck Ownership?

At Lease Line, we believe it's not whether you can own your own commercial trucks. It’s whether you should.

Operating your own fleet is getting more costly as well as challenging every day. Truck leasing from Lease Line can be a better decision for your business.

Own your fleet? No problem! We can help you unlock the equity that’s tied up in your truck fleet. Our ownership transition program will show you the true cost of truck ownership. We are the commercial truck leasing industry experts, and we can create a buyout/lease back program to help you transition from truck ownership to full service leasing.

Prefer to own your vehicles for tax or equity reasons? Full Service Equity Lease is a great option. WIth a full service equity lease, you get the fixed and guaranteed maintenance cost and priority service of a full service lease while retaining all benefits of vehicle ownership.

​Looking for a specific truck? We have access to a fleet of over a thousand trailers of every size and height. Specialty trailors and trucks are our specialty! 

Questions? Call us today to speak with our transportation specialists! 

Why invest in a full service truck lease? With a full service lease, your cash flow improves, your truck up-time improves and your transportation costs are more consistent. Lease Line provides industry-leading vehicles that are backed by superior fleet maintenance and fleet services like 24/7 roadside assistance. 

01. We Give You the Right Equipment.

At Lease Line, we do a thorough evaluation of your needs. Then, we specify and recommend the equipment best suited to your operation. Did you know For many companies, we've produced a better equipment fit with substantial savings over existing programs. 

02. We Keep You on the Road. 

We give your equipment regular full-service PM check-ups. To keep your trucks moving, our mechanics stop problems before they start. And through our NationaLease affiliation, you can rely on 24-hour road service at locations coast-to-coast. 

03. We Help You Control Your Costs.
Lease Line provides a complete picture of all your leasing costs right at the outset. Your monthly outlays are predictable, with no unpleasant surprises. Plus, we free up working capital for other important uses. 

04. We Give You Peace of Mind. 
We handle all important details - licenses, permits, fuel-tax reporting, maintenance records and mileage reports. You can leave it all to us. We save you time and money. 

​05. We Give You Personal Attention. 
At Lease Line, you deal with people you know. We're big enough to serve some of the largest companies, but small enough to care about one-truck customers. We're always ready to solve a problem. You never get lost in the shuffle. 

"Lease Line's success is the result of over 44 years of hard work, exceptional equipment, professional top-notch mechanical team, and first-class attention to customer service."

- Glenn Garland, Co-President

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